How to dress when you’re tall

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How To Dress When You’re Tall ? You also fall into this category, as do Gisele Bundchen, Louise Bourgoin, Nicole Kidman and Gwendoline Christie. Even if the legend says you can afford anything, that’s not necessarily true. Suppose some subtleties stand out more than others.

To show themselves, the big ones can afford a lot. But know that exceeding 1.75 m doesn’t mean you can do anything. It all depends if you need extra inches.

The shape of your body (whether you are thin or round) also determines the clothes you choose. Some appearances can appropriately emphasize the slender outline without giving a giant breath.

How to dress when you’re tall: what suits you

Are you often nicknamed “Giraffe” or “Big Stick” and all your boyfriends hate you? Therefore, you fall into the “great” category. The truth is that you are always looking for the perfect outfit in the dressing room, which will strengthen your body without adding lying down. The good fashion tips are here!

Skinny jeans 

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Of all the iconic jeans, if you just have to choose one, it’s skinny jeans. As a good classic, it lasts forever.

We associate it with the Rock and Perfecto version, the street trend with sneakers and more sportswear with teddy bears. It goes perfectly with a white lace blouse, highlighting the classic romantic style. In short, it sticks to all your looks and remains the best ally to reveal long legs.

If you’re stylish, choose straight pants that will improve your body. And, while flared jeans may be suitable for small jeans, they’re perfect for big jeans. The eph’paw pants have a flared design, giving you a bohemian and chic look.

Long jackets and coats

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As part of a larger category, you have the option to wear long clothes. In this way, you can not only complete your own clothes, but also use different styles: fluid in spring and bathrobe in winter. Be with you, it doesn’t drag on the ground!

Apart from that, more and more women are opting for a comfortable and original woman’s look. Sneakers, jeans, hat, simple shapes and color combinations … Here we give you all the tips to adopt this women’s fashion streetwear style.

Midi skirts

In summer and winter, midi skirts have a special place in our closets. The good news is that it’s so popular! Whether you’re barefoot or wearing leggings, it’s better than anyone else. Choose the leather version to maximize its sexy effect. However, in order to avoid the complexity of the calf, you will have a hard time making assumptions.


how to dress,large,tall woman,large size,tricks,how to dress when you are tall,heels,long jacket,long coats,skinny jeans

No, high heels aren’t just for kids. Yes, you are also allowed to wear it when your height exceeds 1m70. Enjoy! For a feminine and elegant look, combine the finest stilettos. 5, 10 or even 12 cm! It all depends if you assume your body type, because nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes. In this case, sneakers and ballerinas are your best friends.

The thigh-high thigh-high sores

In the process of pairing miniskirts or short skirts on jeans, the paddling pool still has no effect. If they are not always consistent, they have established themselves as an essential model. Obviously, these tallest people are the easiest to wear! By slightly reducing the contour, they broke the big impression. Ideal for those who want to shrink slightly while remaining stylish.

How to dress when you’re tall: what you should avoid

Long legs don’t mean everything’s fine. Not to make your size worse, here are some simple tips to understand: just contrast them!

The “total look”

To avoid looking too big, it is best to contrast with the clothes. The monochrome style will enhance your figure. Fun to mix materials and colors for a proportional effect, imagine the squares between the top and the lower body. If you’re wearing a skirt, you can add a jacket or vest or tie it at the waist.

Highs too short

We are not talking about high courts here, but highs that seem too small to you. Therefore, a shape that fits the hips or at least just below the waist is replaced. The same goes for jackets.

Long accessories

Avoid wearing necklaces, scarves or scarves around your neck, as this will exacerbate your verticality and speed up your pace. Instead, simply wear a necklace, a wool scarf or wrap it around your neck.

Pointed-toe shoes

Big feet … Big shoes! If you are tall, you usually inherit its size. Pointed shoes can lengthen your feet. To avoid the appearance of “clown shoes”, choose rounded or shorter tips.

How to dress when you are tall: where to buy your clothes?

If your size suits you, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right outfit. Your jeans look like a capri, with long skirts resting above your ankles, and the sleeves on your top are usually too short.

And lengthening pants or skirts is not always easy. That’s when the Tall series saves you a day: adult-designed models follow current trends.

They are located in Asos, Topshop, New Look, Vero Moda, Gap. Some brands have even released different lengths of jeans legs, such as Esprit or G-Star.

Now you can no longer say “I don’t have any clothes”!

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